Navigating the New Normal

The start of 2020 had been very challenging, intense and full of uncertainties. The reality of the lives of millions of people has drastically changed due to the COVID-19 crisis. Stable and comfortable lifestyles were thrown off the rails by a series of unfortunate events. Workers who have lost their jobs were left in dire… Continue reading Navigating the New Normal

Start a Dream Board

Start a Dream Board Have you got big dreams and goals? We all surely want to accomplish something significant in our lifetime “• not only for us, but also for the benefit of others and of future generations to come. The main question is, where do we need to start and how do we start… Continue reading Start a Dream Board

Time for Some Trivia!

  Are you an avid fan of fun facts? Here is a collection of some random interesting and informative trivia that you probably didn’t know about. They can be funny, cool, quirky, weird, unbelievable and mind-blowing! Who knows, you might find them useful one day – pull one out as a conversation-starter or an ice-breaker… Continue reading Time for Some Trivia!

Technologies of the Future

    If you’ve seen the movie “Back to the Future”, you probably wondered what type of technology-related inventions and breakthroughs featured in the movie was actually developed at the present time. Not only that, there are also other new sci-fi movies that highlight futuristic technology that has awed and fascinated us and leave us… Continue reading Technologies of the Future