Jobs You Can Do from Anywhere



The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically affected millions of people all over the world and definitely left the economy in a state of utter uncertainty. It gets us wondering what we can possibly do to recover from the crisis the virus has created considering the extent of the massive disruption it has caused across industries. It’s definitely daunting and discouraging, but however difficult it may seem, action steps can still be taken in the midst of this adversity.

If you have recently finished your studies or simply in the process of searching for new opportunities, you may find that discovering a new career path during this time may not be that simple, but unwavering determination and a strong headspace will surely push you to the right direction. It can be extremely challenging but if you consider it as a mountain you can conquer, then you will thrive for sure.


In this new generation of digital technologies and multi-dimensional workforce, more companies are adapting to flexible work arrangements more than ever. Geographically dispersed workers are increasing in numbers day by day. We are now witnessing the age of “New Collar”. Your future job is just out there if you know where to look.


Here are some examples of jobs that you can do from home or anywhere you choose to be:


Virtual Assistant/Receptionist


Project Manager

Accounting Software Consultant

IT Manager

Accounting Officer

Digital Marketing Coordinator

BAS Service Provider

Graphic Designer


Customer Support Specialist

Finance Manager


Financial Controller

Software Engineer

Legal Practice Officer

Systems Analyst

Business Development Manager

Software Tester

Property Manager


Contracts Manager

Data Scientist

Client Relationship Manager


Recruitment Consultant

Academic Tutor


Personal Trainer



Audio Transcriber

Mental Health Support Worker

Medical Transcriptionist

Care Adviser


Administrative Assistant


Sales Consultant

Human Resources Consultant

Data Entry Processor

Logistics Officer


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