Is your job killing you?

In the past 40 years there have been rapid and far-reaching changes in a our occupational landscape. In 1970 20% of workers engaged in jobs requiring light activity such as sitting, while 30% engaged in jobs that required a high energy demand such as construction, farming or manufacturing. Over 40 years later more than 40%… Continue reading Is your job killing you?

Earn or Learn?

One of the more controversial elements of the recent federal budget was the “Earn or Learn” scheme that the government is introducing. The government is committed to spend $14.9 million over two years to expand the work-for-the-dole program. In the first 6 months after leaving school young people will not be eligible for the dole… Continue reading Earn or Learn?

How Important is Your Name?

How many times have you been embarrassed by seeing someone on a street, at a restaurant, in a class, or elsewhere and been addressed by name… you flounder badly because you couldn’t remember the other person’s name? It feels like death from a thousand cuts! So what’s in a name? Dale Carnegie once wrote, that… Continue reading How Important is Your Name?