Technologies of the Future



If you’ve seen the movie “Back to the Future”, you probably wondered what type of technology-related inventions and breakthroughs featured in the movie was actually developed at the present time. Not only that, there are also other new sci-fi movies that highlight futuristic technology that has awed and fascinated us and leave us imagining what it would be like if we live in that kind of world.


According to the data from the website of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, household use of information technology has already reached 86% between 2014-15 and 2016-17. That includes the use of internet connection, devices such as desktop or laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets. Fast forward to today, new developments continue to emerge.

Technological advancements are ongoing and that’s why the future of tech still looks promising despite the challenges and obstacles the whole world is facing right now. Let’s have a closer look at some of them:


Microsatellites to provide internet to inaccessible areas

High-speed internet with Li-Fi

Internet of Things – billions of IoT devices will be connected

Virtual Reality becomes Extended Reality

Blockchain and Trustchain

Edge computing over Cloud computing

The use of a massive volume of data called Big Data

Software-defined or Cognitive radio
Hybrid forensics
Hyper automation



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