Fitness NEWS #2 – 2016



What happens when energy restricted diets are crossed with high intensity exercise?

If you are on a healthy eating plan based on the current macronutrient portioning of food per day, you are probably eating 2,000- 2,200 Kcalories if you are a female and approximately 2,600-2,800K calories if you are a male.


What is our preferred form of fuel?

The current dietary recommendations suggest that our diet should be broken up into proportions of 50% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 20% proteins. An interesting Collaroy to this break up is that the various cells of the body do not all partition food as per this recommendation.


Are you a “Yo-Yo” dieter?

At any one time most people we know are either thinking about losing weight, are currently on a diet or have just broken their diet and putting the weight back on. There is at any one time approximately 55% of women and 39% of men in the general population always trying to lose weight.


60+ Blogs available as an eBook, if you refer a person to our Cert III or CertIV in Fitness Courses

Dr Paul Batman has written 60 blogs, on fitness and health related issues (like the three above), ranging from muscle fibre recruitment to sedentary behaviour and optimal methods of weight loss. These blogs are suitable for personal trainers to read and discuss and to hand out as information sheets for their clients.

If a student you refer* enrols in either a Cert III or Cert IV Fitness course and names you as their referral we will send you an eBook of all 60 blogs for you to read and/or to give out to your clients. Additionally, or if you like simply remain subscribed to our newsletter, you will receive several blog posts a month for your own use. Enjoy 🙂
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We have a New Campus at Surry Hills!


Our brand new Sydney Campus is now open. Centrally located only metres from Central railway and all transport, you will enjoy this “state of the art” facility. Students have access to our new lecture theatre, breakout area, free Wi-Fi and ready access to all staff, including lecturers, tutors and course managers.

Campus Based Intensives will be held on a monthly basis. Our campus based Intensives are offered as either Full Time (day time) or Part Time (evenings), please download your brochure for details on all course structures and courses dates throughout the year, or see below for upcoming course dates:

Full-Time campus-based Certificate III in Fitness Intensive 
(Monday-Friday 9:30am-5pm)
Next Intake Dates: 15 February 2016 (filling fast)
Refer a friend to this course and they will receive 50% off before 12 February 2016
Full-Time campus-based Certificate IV in Fitness Intensive 
(Monday-Friday 9:30am-5pm)
Next Intake Dates: 7 March 2016 

F45 Training – 2 New Centres Opened

“F45 is the revolutionary training system changing lives around the globe. Born in Australia, this phenomenal system is now spreading through continents like wildfire. A team training facility in which members are challenged everyday. Experience different training movements, exercises and timing to achieve incredible results and have fun with colleagues.

With the blend of business acumen and PT genius, F45 has all the systems, structure and controls in place. F45 is a cult; it has to be experienced to believe. So much so, the brand has now trained Ricky Martin, Joel Madden, and Nicole Richie to name a few…”



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