Reinvent Yourself!



All of us create labels and build up images in our heads about who we think we are and how we are perceived by others. Perhaps this ideology is holding you back from your true self; the person you wish to be. The truth of the matter is that you don’t have to be who you always thought you were! You can change yourself and your life at any time.


There will be a time in your life, perhaps you are experiencing it now, where you feel stuck and dissatisfied with who you are and your surroundings. This could come when you experience a big change, such as leaving your job, ending a relationship, moving to a new home, or losing a loved one. Or maybe you’re bored and looking for something more in life, craving change. If this sounds like you, then you may need to reinvent yourself! 


To reinvent is to change something so much that it appears to be entirely new. A fresh start. People may reinvent themselves by changing their hair, their style, their goals, who they hang out and socialise with, living overseas, etc. People may resist due to fear of judgement or scared of change. But shifting your life is about throwing yourself in the deep end and not holding back. You will feel a new sense of life and purpose once you put the old you behind and start focussing on what type of person you want the new “˜you’ to be.


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