What is Your Travel Personality?

You know that you love to explore the world and seek your own adventures but have you ever noticed how different your travel patterns are compared to others?

What type of traveler are you? Do you like planning things months before your trip or do you do everything the last minute? Are you always on a budget, or do you splurge? Do you enjoy the trip with a group of friends or do you prefer to go solo? Do you take road trips, or would you rather be on a plane or a cruise ship? Are you the type who packs only the essentials or do you take heaps of luggage with you?

Where you go and what you do determines your “travel personality”. Knowing what your motivations, expectations, limitations, and preferences are will make a massive difference. This can potentially help you plan future trips a lot easier because you already know the type of travel buddies you are more compatible with and the places best suited to your interests.

Travel is a life-changing event and has always been an important part of people’s lives. It’s the time when people try to unwind, escape from daily routine and stressors in life, get to learn new things, engage in new activities and meet new friends. It gives significant life lessons that will make you look at the world in a different view.

When you come home, you share your unforgettable holiday experience with others by telling stories, showing photos, giving away food and souvenirs for them to also experience the places you’ve been.

Your vast knowledge of travel can make you the go-to person for valuable tips and recommendations. Tell others how you discovered your travel personality so they can discover theirs too. Leverage your passion for travel and commitment to helping other travelers make the most out of their holiday by turning it into a career.

There are certain skill sets that can help you gain formal knowledge of the industry.