Ways to Get Creative


Getting creative is a great way to distress and calm your mind. Creativity is also linked to positive mental health benefits as well as increasing your brain flexibility and also increase creative thinking. It’s great even if you don’t think you are creative. It doesn’t have to be drawing. Try out some of the activities below and feel the benefits. 

Doodling is said to express how you feel. The great thing about doodling is that you can be free with what you doodle. Try doodling at work or while studying if you feel stuck on something or you just feel blocked.

Grab your favourite colours and start painting with acrylics, oil paints, watercolours, whatever suits your mood and expression at the time.

Need to let go of some anger or just want to tell someone and log about your day? Write your way through it. Writing is a great release of thoughts. Don’t bottle it up, write to release.

Try listening to a different genre of music and see how it makes you feel. Maybe even create some music. Pick up an instrument or compose some beats on your laptop using a free program.

Don’t know what to cook tonight? Good. Grab whatever is in your fridge already and cook something from those ingredients. It could be something amazing or something that is somewhat edible. Let’s stay positive here. You could create a breakthrough dish.

What more can I say.  Dance the night away in your own style. Just go at it with all the energy and enthusiasm you’ve got. Dance like no one is watching. You’ll feel better for it.

Reading opens up your mind to new and interesting things and also helps create your own ideas. It’s also one of the best ways to get inspired and excited about the world the writer has created. When you are exposed to different worlds and ideas, you are able to formulate your own creative opinions on different topics that you have read. How is that for your next dinner conversation?