Study Smart Series #2


It’s okay to ask for help

If you’re stuck – ask for help! Try to talk with friends or family and they might be able to help you see the problem in a different way. According to the 2016 Wall Street Journal piece by Saint Louis University researchers, they looked at 414 college students, Those who asked their instructors for help during office hours were more likely to perform better. They call it “activist approach” – if they ever didn’t understand something, they would ask teachers or classmates, or seek out other resources for guidance.

Set up your study corner

It’s important to create a suitable “ňústudy environment’. It must be comfortable, otherwise, it would be a lot harder to get your work done. You can set it up anywhere, but make sure there are fewer distractions.

Be active while studying

Let’s face it… reading whole chapters from a textbook can be pretty boring! Being active while studying means you recall, summarise, sketch and visualise.

Dream Big. Set Goals. Take Action!

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