Overcome Communication Barriers

Communication is an essential skill that plays an important role in any organisation and it’s something that has to be taken seriously.

“Communication – the human connection

– is the key to personal and career success.”

“• Paul J. Meyer.

When there is lack of communication, a lot of things can go wrong. Like for instance, in a dynamic multicultural and multigenerational work environment where polarised opinions, office politics and ostracism are particularly common, there would certainly be a high chance of unclear or inadequate communication.

Conflicts continue to arise not only in the workplace but everywhere we go due to misalignment and miscommunication. Failure to acknowledge and fix this problem may cause mistrust, low morale and worst case scenario, broken relationships that seem too difficult to repair. Take a moment to really see what the issues are and examine more closely to gain full understanding of the situation. The sooner we know what the root of the problem is, the sooner we can fix it.

Aside from exchanging or passing of information through speaking and writing, another way to overcome communication barriers is by means of listening. By being an active listener, you are showing your respect to other people’s opinions and you are making an effort to see their point of view. Be attentive and let others talk and finish what they have to say. Show that you genuinely want to help resolve the dispute and do not make hasty judgements. When it’s your turn to share your thoughts, choose your words carefully to prevent further conflict.

Build bridges instead of walls! Break barriers and smash bottlenecks through effective communication. This doesn’t only build confidence but also lets you open yourself to new possibilities and all the extra time and effort you put into this will be well worth it.


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