Goal Setting 101 – How To Set Goals

Goal Setting is an important part of success. Do you have a vision of what you want to accomplish? If you look at the CEO’s and creators of this world, they all have an end goal of what they want to accomplish. Amongst that end goal, they most likely had smaller short-term goals that led them to their success towards their final goal. Even then, they will continue to create more and more goals to help themselves achieve what they want in life.

Goals can help keep you on track and establish what you want to do in life in order to achieve the final goal. The final goal could be to “learn how to swim freestyle”. The question now, is how? This is when you will establish smaller goals of how you are going to achieve the goal of learning how to swim. Smaller goals could be to “Go to the pool twice a week” or “Get private swimming instructor lessons”. Creating a time or date of when you want to achieve that particular goal will also help you stay on track. Be specific.

What is something that you are wanting to achieve? Having short term, medium term and long term goals can help you focus on the thing you want most to improve or to achieve. It could be anything from health, your career, your education or family goals.

Just make sure when you are setting goals, keep them realistic. Ensure that you are able to achieve them on your set time frame. Also, do not have too many goals because that can stir you from the main goals you are wanting to achieve.

To put it in steps:

  1. What is your vision/dream/end goal?
  2. What is it you want to achieve?
  3. Write them both down.
  4. How are you going to achieve that? Write down your short term and medium term goals that relate to what you want to achieve plus your vision.
  5. Choose to share them with someone in relation to what you want to achieve. This will help keep you motivated.
  6. Go over your goals often in order to help keep you on track and accountable.
  7. Make it happen!

Here’s an example:

  • Vision/Dream/End Goal: “I want to finish writing my book”
  • How? “I will write for 3 hours every week”
  • Complete goal
  • Review goals as a reminder
  • Complete goal
  • Now that you know the steps on how to create goals, get goal setting and make your dreams happen!

Goal Setting 101