Benefits of Reading – Why You Should Read More


Mental Stimulation

When reading, you are keeping it charge, exercised and readily active. It also can help increase your imagination and creativity. It is said that reading enhances mental stimulation, which can prevent or even slow the progress of Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Reading can also be a good way to wind down and slip into a new world of the book you are actively reading. Reading is an escape for some people and it is nice to escape to a different place sometimes. Reading before bed instead of playing on your phone is a good idea as the brain is able to wind down with focused attention. If you are studying, it could be a good idea to read your study noted before bed as you will be able to retain and absorb the information while you are sleeping.

Increases Your Knowledge and Intelligence

When you read a fiction or non-fiction book, your knowledge and intelligence increases. The more you read, the more you know. Your confidence will benefit and with the increased amount of information you know, the confidence you gain will positively affect every aspect of your life. 

Vocabulary Expansion

You will have a rich vocabulary growth when it comes to reading. The more you read, the more words you know and the more you will be able to articulate what you want to communicate to others, whether it be writing or speaking. Being able to communicate thoroughly and easily is an admired skill for anyone in any profession, scenario or situation in life. Once you realise that you are able to communicate this effectively, it can boost your self esteem and self confidence which is very important for self growth and development.

Memory Retention, Focus and Concentration

When you read a book, your focus is on one thing, the story. As you read along with the book, you need to remember what happened in the story, the key details and be able to follow it along. Every new memory that you create forges new synapses (brain pathways) and strengthens existing ones, which assists in short term memory recall as well as stabilising moods. Reading gives your brain a good work just like a good run gives your body great circulation.

Stronger Analytical Skills

When reading, watching a movie or even observing a situation, you are able to think fast on your feet as well as being able to resolve, perhaps, a situation faster than you would if you weren’t actively reading. You will be able to analyse things objectively and improve your critical thinking. This is important when trying to problem solve as well.

Better Writing Skills

Again, communication is a big factor and this plays largely in writing skills. You need writing skills in everyday life. Higher vocabulary also equals a wider increased range of words to express yourself in the right context. When reading, you will be able to analyse, observe and view the writing styles of other projects.

An Increase In Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

Reading fiction can help become more empathetic and also increase your emotional intelligence by being aware of what the characters in the book go through and how they deal with their situations. Reading a book can also open your mind to a lot of different worlds and situations that can help make you become more accepting to things in life. 

Self Development

You become a well rounded person through learning about different people, places and situations where you are able to look at different perspectives, as well as being more interesting to talk to. Depending on what you read, reading will help you learn how others worked towards their success such as reading inspirational stories.