Australian College (AC) – New Management, New Direction, New Initiatives


As a Leading Distance, Online Education Institution, Australian College (AC) began the delivery of correspondence courses in the early 90’s, to students who lived in remote areas. Over the last several years, Distance Education combined with Online Learning has rapidly become the preferred method for learning outside of the classroom. In recent times, the increase in technology has allowed for the delivery of our courses to be offered via a variety of learning platforms, utilizing flexible delivery and best practice to students all over the world.

The college currently provides Distance, Online Learning to people with busy schedules, hectic lifestyles, special needs, and also those living in isolated areas. What’s more, with such flexible learning options you can choose to study at any time and from any location you like. Distance, Online Education provides you with the flexibility to study when attending classes is just not possible. It breaks down barriers of time, distance, work schedules and commitments.
In 2015, a new management team has meant many new and exciting changes. With a new highly experienced and motivated Director at the helm, AC is set to become one of the leading RTO’s in Australia, with an interesting and diverse range of courses being offered full-time, part-time, distance, online and campus based or a mix of the two.
The new team’s mission is to provide you with the most up to date and comprehensive information on your course of interest, by delivering it in the most user-friendly and interesting methods available. We would like to thank you all for your patience, feedback and co-operation during this time and invite you to be part of this new and exciting transformation of the AC.

Some of these exciting changes, include: 

New Website and Online Learning Platform
Our designers and course developers have developed and introduced a new online learning platform, for a more diverse scope of interactive courses.
New Courses
All courses are currently under review with some to be deleted while other very industry specific courses will be added. We always welcome your feedback and input into what courses you would like available at your College.
New Management Team
The new management team is very experienced in vocational education with a cumulative total of over 100 years in Education and looks forward to providing you with the best educational experience possible. We will continue to update you with information about our new initiatives and direction for the AC.

Australian College